Of Political Weddings and Engagements

Fidel's ex wife Shiro with Ida Odinga at their wedding ceremony

Photo/JACOB OWITI Ms Veronica Shiro (left) feeds her mother in-law Ms Ida Odinga (right) a cake during a ceremony in which she was officially welcomed at her rural home in Bondo

Very first post on this blog is dedicated to the ever popular Raila A. Odinga but really not about him. Its more about a political game he has mastered perfectly – manipulation and brainwash of people who strongly believe in him. Raila and his advisers are known masterminds of manipulation. Well, this post is not about that but about a specific tact that Mr. Odinga has applied before, went unnoticed and is about to apply it again for the coming elections.

In 2007 as we headed towards the elections, Raila Odinga’s son, Fidel Castro Odinga got married. This was no ordinary wedding. Fidel married a Veronica Shiro Ng’ang’a. Let me explain that further. In an attempt to appease the Kikuyu community and their wealth in voting power, Raila went straight for a Kikuyu girl for his son. Well, it could have been any other wedding and hey, its not illegal to marry from another tribe, actually I would really encourage it since we need to fight tribalism in Kenya, but I insist, this was a political business setup, not a wedding. I will continue to argue my point.

First of all, Fidel comes from one of the richest families in Kenya – recently Raila’s worth was said to be Kshs. 17.3 billion shillings (just before the 2007 elections it was 4 billion). We all know in a really good way that our friends from the Luo community are show offs, so let me ask you this: Why would Raila’s son wed in a Kikuyu customary ceremony in Kikuyu land? Well, that should give you an answer to a lot of questions.

If that is not enough, I have more proof of my point. There was never a real version of the wedding – as we all know weddings associated to Raila and Fidel are expensive, public and seriously well planned – like the one of Jeff Kiboro and Wacuka Gichohi in which Fidel was a groomsman and Raila attended. The wedding was said to be one of the most expensive in the history of Kenyan weddings. So again I ask, How come there was never a real wedding?

Still not convinced that this was entirely a business and political setup? Well, I can bet anything Shiro was paid heftily to play in this roleplay. This marriage of convenience never lasted and we never really heard of it after the elections. Here is what I have found in my little research. They are no longer together. In fact, Shiro is now dating Don-Bosco Gichana, owner of famous night clubs in Nairobi and highly linked to fraudulent bank transactions (see this story and this one). While Gichana’s bank theft and fraud may not be the story behind this post, you will find it interesting that this is the same man who funded ODM’s campaign in 2007 to a tune of Kshs. 30m and also donated the famous Hummer that Raila Odinga rode in the same campaign. Interestingly, Gichana is still very good friends with Fidel, so I ask again, How would I remain friends with the man who took my wife? Unless it was a plot clearly made at that point, nothing else explains it better than the word FRAUD. Do not forget that Gichana is a free man, clearly politically protected.

I could go on and on about this, but if I have not convinced you that this was a political marriage, well, you might need to rethink your stands, you might already be brainwashed into the Odinga vitendawilis.

Now the other day on Churchill Live, Raila introduced his other son’s fiance, Yvonne  Kibukosya. What they didn’t tell you is her Kikuyu links. She is the daughter of Susan Kibukosya Gachukia. I have no much details about it, but I will not be surprised if Raila pulls another Kikuyu wedding ahead of the elections.

Well, leave a comment, am sure I will get love from a few but hey, am here to tell you the truth and support it with facts, not about Raila but about our entire political system. Have a great day!


41 thoughts on “Of Political Weddings and Engagements

  1. This is a very interesting story but the author should focus on more constructive issues that just being an arrogant tribalisy! What you are depicting here is a tribal hatred not just against the Luo but all other tribes outside the Kikuyu! It’s people like YOU who through such neanderthal minds and your thinking that only a KIKUYU is the only person who can lead Kenya, who will plunge this country into chaos! But come to think of it, what is the reason for that, don’t you people learn from what happened in 2008! I don’t really care who becomes the president of Kenya, indeed I’ve no control over it as leadership comes from God but p’se be a patriotic Kenyan by projecting inclusiveness in what you write! Pouring such vitriotic comments over one individual whom you obviously detest so much will no doubt not help your cause!

    • Mutahi on JuneI 16th
      IT’S EASY TO GET a VILLAGER out of VILLAGE but very difficult to get the VILLAGER out of one so Mr Editor I can have issues with my wife and my best friend steps in to quell the mess, the demands i give my friend must meet her and I m happy they are doing it in open places, then he calls to give her demands n the story goes on on… so just don’t judge a book by its cover read deeper secondly since a bank hurriedly went to court and charge Don Bosco with others with a bank fraud, and later withdrew the case, you go ahead and state n I quote “Don-Bosco Gichana, owner of famous night clubs in Nairobi and highly linked to fraudulent bank transactions” bra bra bra ….with people like you we don’t need to buy a forensic machine you can make a good one l You”ve perfected telling lies and making them look so reall I just Pray to God You don’t open a Church. Mutahi Di

  2. O.M.G!!!!u mean it was nt a real wedding?Shiro is a foolsh girl,hw cld she do tht?bcz of money!!!!!!!damn them

  3. All in all its called politics where all tactics are applied to start the ball rolling.am sure the tactic lured mamoth.

  4. Kenyans are not Stupid – a lot of you people out there should know that by now….. Raila should stop playing games with us and think of development. Staging weddings will not gather him votes but working hard for the people who voted for him will work. Kibera is still one of the poorest slums in Africa, I guess he is proud of the statistic

  5. Raila is a Beautiful liar. He should stop messing with the minds of Kenyans and make us move to another level by quitting politics.

  6. One word for you:you are a TRIBALIST and so bitter because your fellow kikuyu sister never got to dip herself in real monies…hehe i pity you she could as well date anyone in this world..who cares?!chunga laini yako and za kwako you could as well marry her and buy yourself a loud speaker and tranverse central [rovince preaching the hatred that you have displayed here.nkt.

  7. Pure Nonsense Raila and his family are pulling. I was thinking of voting for him but I realized he is a stage act. Whenever there is something, he is there on the first line but there is no follow up action, ni KUHAMA!!!!!!!

  8. He can cheat some pple somdtimes but he can’t cheat all the pple all the time. He is just a turn coat and worth our votes

  9. Stupid Kenyans……..

    We should be enjoying the fruits of 3 beautiful party manifestos presented to us before 2007 general elections.

    We have a government made up of PNU, ODM and ODM-K … all 3 presidential aspirants back then are all sharing power.

    What have we reaped as Kenyans? Dollar at 91 and unga at 135 a packet before I mention fuel at 115….who is the real winner?

    Mean while you have time to publish useless articles instead of discussing how we can get a government that will benefit all Kenyans.

    Just because the president is your tribe does not mean you will have lunch for free….Kubaff

    Kenyans grow up from this tribal nonesense !!

  10. i was wondering hw come he never mentioned shiro while introducing his family on churchill live now i get it…. RAILA IS A REAL ACTOR

  11. Why do kenyans 4get too soon, his trail of lies shamelessly took him to a river ostensibly to be baptised and get “saved” in order to gain a share of kalonzo’s christian votes.Its ironical that his favourite song is kigeugeu.

  12. This is sheer nonsense. I think you are just playing dirty politics. Style up coz this will not take you anywhere.

    • Seriously, I pity you if you can call analyzed facts nonsense. We all have a right to expression and that is just what I did. I wonder if I wrote something against someone else you would raise the same sentiments. Lets not be judges… I just aired my opinion and I believe it is my right. Blog about yours.

      • So for every reply that doesn’t agree with your opinion you go right ahead and write back? Nice strategy! Why not applaud those who agree with you too while at it?

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  14. What a good exposie. This a really careful analysis of a polical brinkmanship. The problem with us Kenyans is we are very gullible. We should demand some respect from our masters.

  15. Your note seems to downplay Kenyans as fools who are manipulated with such trivial matters. He is not the first politician with kids who have married from other tribes or divirced for that matter. So I dont see why it would really matter to Kenyans if his kids did or did not marry from whatever tribe and why waste time and resources trying to make people see that. Well if you want us to look at things your way all the same….I would say kudos to him as he was trying to show Kenyans that it doesnt matter where one comes from…we are all one and that is all that matters.
    It seems your focus on matters political still needs dome enlighting as we need people who are able to judge politicians purely on the agenda and vision they have for Kenya and not on what they do with their personal lives or issues.

    • You are missing the fact that it was a political setup, to gain votes. Please read the facts I have outlined, if you still feel otherwise, you are entitled to your own opinion.

      • You are such a sore loser. You need to get a life and stop being petty. It is true that everyone has an opinion. It can only make sense if it borders on stupid assumptions that can only be validated by a few people whose judgement is clouded by myopic and incessant tribalistic view of big things. Get your head off your ass and start seeing things clearly.

  16. We all know(from print media) that Shiro stole some money from Fidel (15m). Now, tell us which political plan Raila was trying here.

  17. hi hi hi kube!! bt that is about his son ,i dont think can influence a kikuyu voter they dont care much about love when it contradict with serious bussiness like politics.give them space,we ave freedom to act if that will bling a change to ones life

  18. I think wisdom shouldguide the writer to understand that matters and acts of marriages are controlled by emotions, not logic. And to remind the writer again, the Odingas are not the first Luo Kikuyu marriage; I believe is Odinga wanted votes by virtue of connecting marriages (Luo-Kikuyu), then the current parliament, the sitting luo mps, at least more than half are married to Kukuyu/Mt Kenya wives, and that can be a bigger bargain than his sons. I just wish we could one day get out of this narrow mind of tribalism! Let the writer know, that the Kikuyu community as other Kenyans are controlled by conscience to vote to individuals based on their values to the country, but not through “political marriages”

  19. I thank the author 4 great research. Fidel a looked responssibly man wth his own intergrity hw can u start 2 hv love affairs wth the person who is not of ur choice. I wonder a bout some men is lk u do not know hw 2 cone ladies n if really do not come i will give u tips free of charge.

  20. As we all know, Politicts is a dirty game,politicians do anything to win,if that was Raila’s way, i don’t see anything wrong with that, coz he even won the elections. Politicians have done worse than that, even costed other’s lives to win, but still they loose, so i think the guy is inteligent,his diplomacy of political marriage worked and it will work again.

  21. i highly doubt that the veronica and fidel only got together to get political milage for his father.. yes they played up the whole intertribal angle in the press before the elections, but surely that was not the sole purpose of their union.. if you did your reserch properly, you would have found out that they were together for over 6 years.. long before the elections and were engaged for a very long time as well… yes the father took advantage of the situation to show he is has no problem with other tribes but as a polititian looking for votes who wouldn’t.. and the fact that they are not together right now should not be equated to mean that the purpose of their union was served, but that like many many other relationships, it simply did not work out..

    as for yvonne, susan is not her mother but her step mum, and its sad that you only look and see her potential tribe not her person… this can put into question how you choose your leaders.. do you only see and judge raila from his tribe????? sad sad sad… that is not the face of kenya that is going to work…. the article seems to be a relfection of your own tribalistic sentiments not those of raila.. so what his sons have married peopel who are either kikuyu or connected to the kikuyu?? you need to analyse someone from his policies and not stoop so low as to try and read into lives that should not even concern you..

    look at everyone as a kenyan not as a tribe!!!!!

  22. You are a fool, who lives his life under the illusion of pessimism, propaganda and hate. You are a fool, who believes that every word sput from your tribal tongue is only comparable to the wisdom of solomon, you are a bloody stupid fool, whose tail underneath your feet forces you to thump your chest in digital boxes, you are an arrogant fool whose tongue appears to have blindened you in tribal shackles such that the weight of your wit can be measured in a tea spoon, you are a blatant fool, who doesn’t even understand the limitless measure of your own stupidity…Stupid fool, this stupid poem is for you, a derivative of your very own words, stupid fool….

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