Controversy Over ‘Jeering Funds’ for Sinai Fire Victims at Uhuru Park during Today’s Planned Requiem Mass

A storm over Ksh. 1.7 million secretly given to mob leaders to jeer a top politician scheduled to attend the mass requiem service at Uhuru Park for the Sinai fire victims later today is not not only brewing but threatening to get out of control. Trouble begun when a team of representatives of jeers-for-hire (known in some quarters as J4H) was apparently received Ksh. 1.2 million from an envoy of a senior rival politician (also scheduled to attend the requiem mass at Uhuru Park) ostensibly organise a mob youth from Eastlands to heckle his rival. Another group led by an Eastlander better known as Karis has get part of the lppt given to one Omosh (aka J1) for the Uhuru Park mission. The tension has already started causing local councilors affiliated to today’s paymaster for the J4H group arguing that should the jeering happen, it will cast the senior politician in very bad light.

All this comes at a time when just hours back a pin-less hand grenade was found strategically placed in the PM’s compound for what some of the PM’s detractors claim is a publicity seeking stunt and warm up to 2012 presidential race. At the same time the seeming frantic efforts to hog the limelight is happening as three of the so-called Ocampo Six who include DPM Uhuru Kenyatta are at the Hague over the 2007/8 post-election mayhem. 

Meanwhile those in the know claim that Ksh. 350,000 sent to a group of Kibera-based cheerers was distributed peacefully last evening and the youth involved couched on exactly how to either heckle or cheer at Uhuru Park during the requiem mass. 

That’s Kenyan politics for you! How sad?!

The Next President Should NOT be a Kikuyu – Try These Candidates

Well, my last post raised a lot of temperatures for the lovers of Raila Odinga and his ODM crew. Like I said, am not inclined to any side and in the real sense, we still do not have a campaign or announced races so am just raising my opinion. Now, Kenya has had 3 presidents – 2 Kikuyus and 1 Kalenjin – am not trying to be a tribal chief, just trying to point some lines that you might want to consider while deciding on where to throw you vote.

While we are all trying to run away from the tribal hatred between our communities, I insist that voting in another Kikuyu president will go further in firing this up. Kenya is diverse and I strongly believe its a good chance for another ethnic group to produce a president. In 2008, everything stopped being about Kibaki and Raila and turned to being a rage between Kikuyus and related tribes against all the rest of Kenya. While the large Kikuyu community has vastly invested in almost each corner of Kenya, the last thing we would need for any economy is an exit of this investments and if we turn to the woes of tribalism, this will be the case and Kenya will never be the same.

So who are the candidates? Well – here is my list:

Raila Odinga
He will definitely be one of the front runners. Our current PM is enjoying good support from lots of the regions in Kenya although he faces a hard fight in the Central region, Rift Valley and Eastern/North Eastern Regions. The Coast is not also fully behind him but he enjoys quite some good trust.

Raila Odinga first ran for president in 1997 and in a merger with KANU in 2001 he was made the minister for energy in the Moi government. He was hopeful that Moi would nominate him to be his successor and when it did not go as he thought, he turned against the Moi team to form the Rainbow Coalition that eventually became part of the winning NARC coalition. In the NARC government, he served as the minister for roads and eventually walked out of government when the president didn’t keep his side of the infamous MOU.

Raila has been in the political scene with a lot of controversies starting from a coup that his biography states that he was much more involved than it was previously stated by the time he was detained. Raila is also known not to easily accept defeat of fair competition which could work against him in the minds of Kenyans who still have fresh memories of 2008. When he didn’t get the Ford Kenya nomination as the presidential candidate before the 1997 elections, he decamped to NDP and moved with his followers and ran for president, finishing 3rd in the race. In 2001, he also decamped KANU which he had sold his party NDP to and went to oppose it when he did not inherit the presidential candidacy as he expected. This also happened in the NARC coalition and while this is not usually outspoken, Raila has a very inconsistent political outfit and seems to move with whichever waves flow.

Raila, being a son of a former powerful political figure in Kenya also has the inherited political background which seems to be playing against politicians like Uhuru Kenyatta and others whose fathers were in previous governments.

However, Raila commands a very loyal crowd behind him – you can even tell this from my previous post. This might work positively for him next year.

Kalonzo Musyoka:
As one of the candidates who finished the race in 2007, Kenya’s vice president will for sure be seeking the top seat. While he may not be a favorite of many in the urban setups and especially Nairobi, he probably is the best of the existing candidates who could face Raila and actually win an election. Before you scream, listen to my points. Kalonzo is said by his critics to be not so decisive on a lot of issues and while his opponents capitalize on this, people forget that he is among the very few Kenyan politicians with no scandals and is an upright Christian. This is a strong fact that we need to look at before we go to the polls. In fact, if we were in a more democratic environment, Kalonzo would be the front runner candidate as we speak. He comes with experience from his long service in important government ministries including foreign affairs and his current post as the vice president.

The VP is a star that rose from a very humble background, no political connections, no wealth, no backing and no favors. This means he could get this to work for him as he identifies with the common struggles of life. He grew up on the same level as any other poor Kenyan and he fought his way up the ladder, quite an achievement considering he holds one of the biggest political offices in Kenya.

Kalonzo will easily get support from Raila’s weak regions and if by any chance he gets backing from the other front runners who could be barred from running for office by the ICC, he could easily become Kenya’s next president.

Unfortunately, at the moment I do not see any other candidates aiming for the high office that are not Kikuyu apart from these two. I will be reviewing more as we get closer to elections.


Of Political Weddings and Engagements

Fidel's ex wife Shiro with Ida Odinga at their wedding ceremony

Photo/JACOB OWITI Ms Veronica Shiro (left) feeds her mother in-law Ms Ida Odinga (right) a cake during a ceremony in which she was officially welcomed at her rural home in Bondo

Very first post on this blog is dedicated to the ever popular Raila A. Odinga but really not about him. Its more about a political game he has mastered perfectly – manipulation and brainwash of people who strongly believe in him. Raila and his advisers are known masterminds of manipulation. Well, this post is not about that but about a specific tact that Mr. Odinga has applied before, went unnoticed and is about to apply it again for the coming elections.

In 2007 as we headed towards the elections, Raila Odinga’s son, Fidel Castro Odinga got married. This was no ordinary wedding. Fidel married a Veronica Shiro Ng’ang’a. Let me explain that further. In an attempt to appease the Kikuyu community and their wealth in voting power, Raila went straight for a Kikuyu girl for his son. Well, it could have been any other wedding and hey, its not illegal to marry from another tribe, actually I would really encourage it since we need to fight tribalism in Kenya, but I insist, this was a political business setup, not a wedding. I will continue to argue my point.

First of all, Fidel comes from one of the richest families in Kenya – recently Raila’s worth was said to be Kshs. 17.3 billion shillings (just before the 2007 elections it was 4 billion). We all know in a really good way that our friends from the Luo community are show offs, so let me ask you this: Why would Raila’s son wed in a Kikuyu customary ceremony in Kikuyu land? Well, that should give you an answer to a lot of questions.

If that is not enough, I have more proof of my point. There was never a real version of the wedding – as we all know weddings associated to Raila and Fidel are expensive, public and seriously well planned – like the one of Jeff Kiboro and Wacuka Gichohi in which Fidel was a groomsman and Raila attended. The wedding was said to be one of the most expensive in the history of Kenyan weddings. So again I ask, How come there was never a real wedding?

Still not convinced that this was entirely a business and political setup? Well, I can bet anything Shiro was paid heftily to play in this roleplay. This marriage of convenience never lasted and we never really heard of it after the elections. Here is what I have found in my little research. They are no longer together. In fact, Shiro is now dating Don-Bosco Gichana, owner of famous night clubs in Nairobi and highly linked to fraudulent bank transactions (see this story and this one). While Gichana’s bank theft and fraud may not be the story behind this post, you will find it interesting that this is the same man who funded ODM’s campaign in 2007 to a tune of Kshs. 30m and also donated the famous Hummer that Raila Odinga rode in the same campaign. Interestingly, Gichana is still very good friends with Fidel, so I ask again, How would I remain friends with the man who took my wife? Unless it was a plot clearly made at that point, nothing else explains it better than the word FRAUD. Do not forget that Gichana is a free man, clearly politically protected.

I could go on and on about this, but if I have not convinced you that this was a political marriage, well, you might need to rethink your stands, you might already be brainwashed into the Odinga vitendawilis.

Now the other day on Churchill Live, Raila introduced his other son’s fiance, Yvonne  Kibukosya. What they didn’t tell you is her Kikuyu links. She is the daughter of Susan Kibukosya Gachukia. I have no much details about it, but I will not be surprised if Raila pulls another Kikuyu wedding ahead of the elections.

Well, leave a comment, am sure I will get love from a few but hey, am here to tell you the truth and support it with facts, not about Raila but about our entire political system. Have a great day!